Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Artist Within

Well I've had a funny couple of days, feels like I've been glued to the Mac, & Steve (OH) says he has forgotten what my voice sounds like (a rare treat for him i tell you!).

And here's what I've been up to.......

I shall start at the beginning (as that would make sense- & i don't always!)
As i mentioned in my previous post, i have recently joined the phenomenon that is notonthehighstreet, & having spent many hours uploading product information & photos, i couldn't help but start to feel that some of my own photos were a little 'ebay' dare i say, and when it came to photographing my own art work, it simply wasn't happening!

So i got my thinking cap on and i remembered the lovely lady Hannah, whom i met (& blogged about) a little while ago, when she kindly included me (well Bow-im not that interesting!) in her own blog Hannah is a fantastic photographer, self taught which really amazed me, & even better, lives in our neighbouring village

A few emails later (ooh & the persuasion of my friend Sally to let me use her FABULOUS house as the photoshoot location) & one Thursday morning Hannah, Sally, Myself & Queenie (the most beautiful cat ive seen -& im a 'dog girl' -so to speak!) had a cup of tea (needed some energy!) & set out on our creative mission!

A bit of hair tearing, sweating (only from
myself i should add- Hannah & Sally are far too beautiful to sweat!) & a whole lot of mess later & here are the results..........


  1. A visual treat, enhanced by the engaging text - first rate!

  2. Beautiful photographs, I love the cushions.... they are adorable! x

  3. Thank you both for your kind words- it's greatly appreciated & very encouraging :)