Saturday, 24 April 2010

Summer is Coming!

Having not long completed my very long winded (about a year of evenings and weekends!) house renovation, one would think i was ready to sit back relax and enjoy all our (well my partner Steve's!) hard work. Oh no! maybe it's the run of sunshine we've been blessed with of late- or maybe it's just me?! but i cannot settle so we are now tackling the wilderness that is the garden! I think the prospect of BBQ's and sipping Pims on a summers evening out on the decking (which does not yet exist!) surrounded by a few flickering Coloured Jam Jar Tlights to enhance the peaceful ambiance is really the true motivation!!

Furthermore, i am surrounded in Bow by the temptation of beautiful garden accessories to adorn my 'wannabe' haven! Hanging Zinc Heart Cut-out Tlights, Floral Garden Tools, Gorgeous Zinc Plant Pot Holders, Pretty Heart-shaped Wire Baskets and Vintage Tumblers filled with Iced Lemonade....i could go on but if i do i fear i may close the shop and head for the garden!!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Love is in the air.......!

As a 'blog novice' a felt it necessersary to look to other blogs for inspiration and examples of 'quality blogmanship' ! I have taken much inspiration from fellow Derbyshire Ladys such as FabulousPlaces and CupcakeCorner, but recently i came across an old friend who has fled the Derbyshire Dales for the big smoke (well down south but it's still near enough to the London smog for me!).

I went to school with Zoe and shared many an artistic moment in GCSE Textiles and Alevel Art! and now i am proud to say she too has followed her creative instinct and is the proprietor of *weddingsbyzoelingard. What a glamourous, fabulous, and fullfilling life it must be as a wedding planner! - and her blog certainly supports all three sentiments.

Both her website and blog alike are beautifully designed and full of inspiration not only to the newly engaged, but any creative mind. Her Portfolio of Weddings is just delightful to browse through and could warm any spinsters heart! Her talent for organisation, creativity and attention to detail shines through in every aspect of her work, and the testimonials on her website are an absolute credit to all her hard work. So many of her weddings focus on the finer detail, and much like Bow, show a passion for all things beautiful! I would HIGHLY recommend having a look wedding bells or not....

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Grand National Glory!

It may not be entirely relevant to Bow, but i just can't help but mention that i only went and picked the winning horse on yesterdays Grand National!!! Not a bad job for a girly girl who picked the name 'Don't Push It' as i thought it quite apt in my world (for those of you that know me!)!! and to say i don't even understand the concept of odds- i managed to bag quite a nice sum- much to the dismay on the young mans face and collection of 'hardened' gamblers in our local bookies when i totted through in my ditsy floral dress and sunglasses!! I think the phrase 'fish out of water' would spring to mind- other than the fact that it wasnt me that was drowning (so to speak!)!!!!!!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

I really am surprising myself of late- first facebook, then twitter and now my very own blog!!!! if only i could get it looking as nice as blogs such as fabulousplaces and alike! hmmmm well give me time and ill work some creative genius and im sure ill get there (hope!) - what IS looking very nice is my website so please take a look!