Saturday, 24 April 2010

Summer is Coming!

Having not long completed my very long winded (about a year of evenings and weekends!) house renovation, one would think i was ready to sit back relax and enjoy all our (well my partner Steve's!) hard work. Oh no! maybe it's the run of sunshine we've been blessed with of late- or maybe it's just me?! but i cannot settle so we are now tackling the wilderness that is the garden! I think the prospect of BBQ's and sipping Pims on a summers evening out on the decking (which does not yet exist!) surrounded by a few flickering Coloured Jam Jar Tlights to enhance the peaceful ambiance is really the true motivation!!

Furthermore, i am surrounded in Bow by the temptation of beautiful garden accessories to adorn my 'wannabe' haven! Hanging Zinc Heart Cut-out Tlights, Floral Garden Tools, Gorgeous Zinc Plant Pot Holders, Pretty Heart-shaped Wire Baskets and Vintage Tumblers filled with Iced Lemonade....i could go on but if i do i fear i may close the shop and head for the garden!!

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